Things to do at the end of your apprenticeship

ICT apprenticeships Birmingham do eventually come to an end. You therefore need to think about what you are going to do once it’s all over. You have lots of things you can do about it. Here is the way to go:

  • Knowing your options

Before you leave apprenticeships in Birmingham for 19-year olds, you must consider your options. Talking to the local jobcentre will help you know the jobs available. Talk to your college career advisor or your boss for any opportunities in the company.

  • Finding a job

Think of the skills you have learnt and the jobs where you can apply them. Before the end of ICT apprenticeships in Birmingham, find out if there is a similar job in a different company. If you can transfer your skills to a new company, the better.

  • Permanent position

If like the company in Birmingham where your ICT apprenticeships took place, get a permanent position with them. Find out if they are hiring or if they will keep you on the team. You might have to convince them why they should give you a place.

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